We are the largest licensed cannabis producer in the USA - we are building out four licensed cultivation facilities encompassing 200+ football fields, over 100K square feet of greenhouses, multiple extraction labs, an edibles kitchen, patent pending medical formulations, brand and sales teams, and a technology distribution platform. All facility locations have immediate positions available.

We understand talent comes in many forms. Our team represents a true diversity and includes farmers, restauranteurs, chemists, firemen, skilled tradesmen, programmers, designers, students, a Stanford Professor of Medicine, a nuclear reactor engineer, and eight doctors. We don’t care what field you come from, but we do require your consistent dedication in becoming the best at what you do.

The ideal candidate enforces a high personal moral standard, is self-motivated to fix problems without direction, does not provide teammates any reason to doubt them, is financially responsible, inherently understands that drama hurts company morale and that average, comfortable standards result in uninspiring work environments. You will join a family of passionate, value-driven team members who get up before sunrise, lead by example, and enjoy coming to work because it’s a true match to their personal and career goals.

You will work with the very best in the field - you will learn to grow in a licensed, regulatory compliant facility from Cannabis Cup award winning grow-masters, cannabinoid extraction from FDA lab chemists, medical formulations from our physician team, extensive farm construction and trade skills, and business development from team leaders who have built multiple large-scale businesses.
Our team are profoundly dedicated and 60+ hour work weeks are already second nature to us. This is the work culture you will be joining - if this sounds troublesome, we are not the right fit for you. You are expected to help out in any capacity as needed.

All industries and backgrounds are welcome. Due to the strict regulatory nature of our industry, you must have a clean record and be able to pass a background check. We don’t do interviews. Be prepared to work a week on the farm side-by-side with us in Michigan, doing predominantly farm construction, for a trial period. This allows us to get to know you, and you receive an accurate feel of our work culture.

If this sounds like fun, we want to talk to you. Email us a custom cover letter (any standard copy-paste will be deleted) and resume (doesn't have to be fancy, just show us your work experience) to Alexander Chamberlain at both jobs@dragonflycannabis.com and buzzpotato88@gmail.com, with an optional photo.